Consciousness/skill/agency zoom Talk series

We expect the talks to run about 1.5 hours, with 45 for talks and 45 for Q&A. E-mail Josh at for zoom details


April 23

Antonia Peacocke (Stanford)

Practical Concepts and Practical Knowledge

11 am EST


May 7

Juan S. Piñeros Glasscock (Georgia State)

Know-how and generality: a new argument for intellectualism

10 am EST


May 21

Katsunori Miyahara (Hokkaido)

Perspective-sharing in skilled performance: Riken no ken (離見の見) and situated normativity

**This talk will be pre-recorded and sent via e-mail. We will meet to discuss.**

9 am EST


June 4

Laura Tomlinson (Colgate)

The Knowledge Condition on Intentional Action

11 am EST


June 18

Aaron Henry (U of British Columbia)

Making mistakes with defective attention

12 pm EST