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ReConAg – VLC Philosophy Lab workshop on Action and Mind
November 10-11, 2022
November 10

15 – 15.30 : Coffee (paid by UB)

15.30 – 16.20 : Joshua Shepherd (UB): Practical reasoning and cognitive feelings
16.30 – 17.20 : Josep Corbí (UV): Agential awareness: Maixabel (Bollaín, 2021) and the moral reversal of time
* Conference dinner (paid by UB for conference participants)
November 11
10.30 – 11 : Coffee (paid by UB)
11 – 11.50 : Chiara Brozzo (UB): On an analogy between intention and perceptual belief
12 – 12.50 : Daphne Bernues (UPF): A control approach to agentive phenomenology: contributions to the disappearing agent problem
13 – 13.50 : Víctor Verdejo (UV): Self-knowing and self-observing agents
13.50 – 15 : Lunch (paid by UB)
15.00 – 15.50 : Marc Artiga (UV) & Miguel Ángel Sebastián (UNAM): Understanding perspectives
16.00 – 16.50 : Carlota Serrahima (UB): Psychological immunity, bodily ownership, and vice versa
* Venue: Sala Fontserè, Institut d’Estudis Catalans. Carrer del Carme, 47, Barcelona.
Attendance is free, but if you intend to attend please let us know by writing an email to cserrahimab@ub.edu, so that we can count you in for organizational purposes.
This workshop is part of the project “Rethinking Conscious Agency”, that has received funding from the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (ReConAg 757689. PI: Joshua Shepherd)

Workshop: Agency, Bodily Perception, and the Self, May 26-27

Our workshop ‘Agency, bodily perception, and the self’ is coming up soon! Let us know if you would like to attend: rethinking.conscious.agency@gmail.com …

Poster with the schedule is here:


Workshop Schedule

Call for submissions, Barca workshop


Host: Rethinking Conscious Agency project (ERC Starting Grant 757698), University of Barcelona

Workshop: in-person, Barcelona, April 28-29

Theme:  The architecture of skilled action

Confirmed speakers

Lilian O’Brien (Helsinki)

Thor Grünbaum (Copenhagen)

Elisabeth Pacherie (Jean Nicod)

Myrto Mylopoulos (Carleton)


We welcome abstracts (up to 500 words) on a range of topics related to skilled action: control, habit, motor cognition, intention, know-how, the phenomenology of agency, perceptual guidance, etc. To help people plan, accepted submissions should be transformed into 20 minute talks. Send abstracts to rethinking.conscious.agency@gmail.com – please put ‘Architecture of skilled action’ in the subject line.


Deadline: Feb. 22


Covid Note: It is possible that the evolving pandemic will necessitate the cancellation of this workshop, or a late switch to Zoom. We are predicting that this will not be the case.

Call for submissions: Workshop May 26-27

Workshop on Agency, Bodily Perception, and the Self


ERC funded project Rethinking Conscious Agency (ReConAg 757698)

Logos Research Group in Analytic Philosophy


Hybrid, May 26 & 27, 2022



The body, and the states by which we perceive the body ‘from the inside’ (somatosensory states), are tied to action in a very intimate way. This workshop aims to cover various aspects of the overlap between bodily perception and bodily action, and to discuss the impact of this overlap for our first-personal notion of ourselves as embodied agents.


We invite submissions on the following, and related, topics and questions:


Some somatosensory states rely on bodily action. One of these states is haptic touch, in which we actively explore objects with our body. Touch has been said to contribute significantly to our consciousness of ourselves as embodied subjects. How much of this contribution is due to the action component of haptic touch? Another of these states is  proprioception, namely the perception of bodily position and movement ‘from the inside’. How much do our experience of ourselves as agents, and our knowledge of action, depend on proprioception?


Some bodily states elicit immediate bodily action. For instance, thirst elicits drinking, hunger elicits eating, and pain may elicit protection of the painful body part. To what extent are this sort of actions, commanded by the body, intentional actions? What is the importance of this sort of actions for our experience of ourselves as embodied agents?


A lot of our bodily actions are bodily-directed actions: dealing with our bodies is an essential part of what we are doing when we are doing them. Self-directed touch, or protective behaviour, are bodily-directed actions types. How much, if at all, do bodily-directed actions contribute to our awareness of the distinction between ourselves and other agents?


Keynote speakers will be Frédérique de Vignemont and Matthew Fulkerson.


Submission guidelines

We invite submissions for 40 minute presentations (with 20 minute discussions). Submissions should consist in 500 word abstracts with a title. Please send your abstracts to rethinking.conscious.agency@gmail.com by February 7, 2022(included).


Registration and attendance

The workshop will take place both physically, in Barcelona, and online. Attendance is free in both modalities. However, if you intend to attend, please let us know, so that we can count you in for organizational purposes or send you the link to the virtual room in due time.



Carlota Serrahima


For any inquiries, please write to rethinking.conscious.agency@gmail.com

For all details, visit https://rethinking-agency.org

Check also https://twitter.com/ERC_Conscious

Talk: Myrto Mylopoulos

Prof. Mylopoulos will be talking to our group on Oct. 26 about the science of consciousness.

Consciousness/skill/agency zoom Talk series

We expect the talks to run about 1.5 hours, with 45 for talks and 45 for Q&A. E-mail Josh at rethinking.conscious.agency@gmail.com for zoom details


April 23

Antonia Peacocke (Stanford)

Practical Concepts and Practical Knowledge

11 am EST


May 7

Juan S. Piñeros Glasscock (Georgia State)

Know-how and generality: a new argument for intellectualism

10 am EST


May 21

Katsunori Miyahara (Hokkaido)

Perspective-sharing in skilled performance: Riken no ken (離見の見) and situated normativity

**This talk will be pre-recorded and sent via e-mail. We will meet to discuss.**

9 am EST


June 4

Laura Tomlinson (Colgate)

The Knowledge Condition on Intentional Action

11 am EST


June 18

Aaron Henry (U of British Columbia)

Making mistakes with defective attention

12 pm EST

Workshop on action control, awareness, and working memory

Hosted via Zoom on September 14, 2020 (e-mail joshualshep@gmail.com for access)

3 pm CEST, Workshop begins: 15 minute introduction
3:15 – 4:20, Thomas Schack (Bielefeld)
4:20 – 5:25, Elisabeth Pacherie (Jean Nicod)
5:25 – 5:30, Break
5:30 – 6:35, Barbera Montero (CUNY Graduate Center)
6:35 – 7:40, David Rosenbaum, (UC-Riverside)

Workshop on Action

March 26, at the University of Barcelona

Speakers: Denis Buehler (Jean Nicod), Lilian O’Brien (Helsinki)

University of Barcelona

Workshop: Metacognition, Consciousness, Agency

9-10 May 2019 | University of Barcelona